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Consider joining Hatfield Real Estate as an agent.


NO office fees.

NO franchise fees

NO fees of any sort taken from your commission.

NO re-qualifying every year.

And TRAINING that will help you compete in today's real estate market!

NO FLOOR TIME! (Keeps you from wasting your "Money Making Time" being a glorified, but free receptionist, for the company that is supposed to be supporting you!)

It is simple. We pay 80% commission from your first sale (*SPECIAL ADDED BONUSES FOR IN-HOUSE SALES). For true self-employed individuals the bottom line is what they understand. No shiny brochure, flashy sign or name badge will ever be a substitute for hard work.

Welcome to the world of "PROFIT SHARING"!  For every agent you are directly responsible for bringing on board you will earn *5% of their total commission for as long as they & you are with HATFIELD Real Estate!  This does not come out of the money they earn so they are happy too!

Call Toni Granger at 607-731-8298 today for an opportunity to discuss how we can help each other succeed into the future of Real Estate!  (Meetings can be discrete if you wish.)

*5% bonus does not apply to in-house listings unless they are new construction homes